Keep ATVs Off Vermont Wildlands

The problem with being a middle-aged activist is that you start to realize you’re facing the same issues, time and time again. Nothing ever seems to go away, no matter how ridiculous the notion. Take, for example, the renewed push by the motorized-leisure crowd – this time the all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) folks – to gain access … Read more

Voting with Ned.

I vote in a tiny rural town. And even though everyone knows everyone, we go through the official routines of voting: State your name on the way in and state your name on the way out to the town’s older women who take running the polls very, very seriously. I’m usually voting alone, making the … Read more

Vermont Morning

Flaying about the barn, swatting for horse flies. I will study their patterns. I will find their homes. I will understand their needs. And then I will kill them. Each and every one of them if I can.

On Walden Politics

I’m signing the petition that is currently circulating in Walden, Vermont that calls for a reconsideration of the school’s budget vote that passed by a very narrow margin of 116-113 on Town Meeting Day. Frankly, I am not all that upset with the budget itself – but that could be because after last year’s initially … Read more

Oh Walden.

Walden, Vermont will be celebrating Town Meeting Day tomorrow by considering a proposal that would seriously undermine democratic participation: raising the percentage of voters needed to reconsider a vote from 5% to 20%. It’s clearly a kindergarten-like payback for the school budget fights last year, where upwards of 65% of the voters said “no, no, … Read more