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mc.gifBroadsides.org is a website holding the various rants, diatribes, essays, interviews, multimedia projects, and media interludes of, by or interesting to me, Michael Colby.

I’m a writer, activist and a horse logger when I’m not being a husband and a father. Our small clan of three live in Walden, Vermont.

I was born in Austin, Minnesota. I lived for nine years in Atlanta, Georgia. I spent much of my youth in Ottumwa, Iowa. I played rock and roll music in New York City with the increasingly popular Drunken Boat, including many gigs at the infamous haunts of CBGBs and The Knitting Factory. And I’ve now lived in Vermont since 1991.

I’m the director of the national activist organization, Food & Water, the leader in the effort to stop food irradiation and the publisher of the (now-defunct) Food & Water Journal and Wild Matters. I’ve been a columnist for Vermont’s Seven Days (“Left Field”). I was a contributing editor/author to the book, Fatal Harvest (Island Press). As a freelance writer and activist, my words and deeds have appeared in numerous national venues, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN and even better venues like The Nation, CounterPunch and The Progressive. Currently, I’m working on a collection of short stories, “The Adventures of Snarky Boy,” based on the fictional character I created on the Internet.

Finally, I am the owner/operator of Vermont Sleigh Rides, a draft-horse sleigh and carriage venture, and the Walden Maple Company, a maple tree dream, both based in Walden.

Thanks for playing.