1. Congratulations. You’re Doing Good by getting “off the grid” – and now just undid some of it by heaping derision back on your countrymen. You might ask yourself: for those of us who don’t yet fully comprehend the degree of contempt for us harbored by virtually all politicians, how empowering would it be to realize it, for the first time via your little derisive “joke”, here? I mean, whose side do you want to Aid and Promote, anyway?

    It’s not a question whether or not we might deserve it (and who would you be to judge us, anyway) but a question of whether or not your intention is actually to Do some Good. Or simply to jerk off, amusing/indulging yourself with a kick to our head, while watching us (including your own children) all go down, demoralized and disempowered. Do you know how wars are actually won?

    Why not THINK a little on the above – make ammends where appropriate – and Carry On.

    Semper Fi,
    -Matty in Florida

  2. “Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with only one dish. They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side. But no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen.”

    –Huey Long

  3. Suckers R us the sheeple for keeping to elect the incumbants, even though they have failed us many times.

  4. Ya prick. I sent Cockburn something refering to your “SUCKERS” post yesterday; he puts you up as Website of the Day; you’re getting all this e-mail response from Counterpunch readers (probably Castro next); Charlie Rose will probably call you; and Colbert & Jon Stewart.

    Meanwhile, what’s really important is what Tom Salmon is doing with a Monkey, and whether all his e-mails to Shay Totten are some kind of closet-gay thing–I mean, he wants Totten to take pictures of him and the Monkey together, fer Crissake.

    So here you have a real red-hot POLITICAL PRE-VERSION story right here in Vermont, and all you do is sit back and watch your fan mail and offers pile up, without even thanking or acknowledging me for making you famous. If you’re not going to cover the Monkey Man story, I’m gonna tell Salmon you and Boots have horses he could do things with, and have videotaped. Mother-F.

  5. My question: was Shay Totten the one who took the picture of Tom Salmon naked with a monkey? And if so, what was Shay doing there?

  6. “This detached state, where they [the audience] seem to be given over to vague but profound sensations, grows deeper the better the work of the actors; and so we, as we do not approve of this situation, should like them to be as bad as possible.”
    –Bertolt Brecht A Short Organum for the Theatre

  7. A picture to doctor public opinion.
    Just like Hitler did

    Good Lord when was the last time you watched Television News!

  8. Logo Land empirePie

    Logo land
    la la land
    pixilated, PG rated,
    pretty in pink debated
    proud to be rogue and sated

    An empty shell souped in a can
    no strings attached
    an apron without a granny
    a dress without a Grammy

    iFingure, iPhone, iNest, iPod
    retread is better than shed or shod
    Logo la la land
    creeps on culture
    vacuous and freedom fried
    plasma colored, brighter than real
    with extreme reality to try to feel,
    so tweet your ticker
    Tweet tuned for in.
    Tweet zoned for out


    Logo land
    Lego Logo tacky plastic land
    wear your culture like your hand
    the one that’s dealt to you by big brother bland
    global glitz will bow to shake on that
    ‘baby got back’
    slide your plastic through the crack
    platinum and priceless
    memories of nature,… nurture-less
    an empty now
    for a virtual bow

    Margin your virtual trades and
    baby you’ll have got it e-made
    serve up a maid
    the server softer browner ones
    those who’s promised greener cards for
    Logo land
    The home of the brave,
    the rogue
    the knave
    the warrior slave

    brand O ……… oBambie
    oh oh oh oh
    your diligence is dithering
    your brand is slithering
    like a sticker tagged apple
    on a ‘Tipping Point’,… a slide
    a blank ‘Blink’
    too glad to fall from the tree…well
    O Bomba …. how can that be
    are you like a Bamby or
    o-Bambie in the sights from temple mount.

    OB 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
    dither one
    predator one
    hi tech no ones

    my hands are the tied one
    the rising seas like the DOW one
    one mark at a time one

    mark twain
    easy passage for a World full of gamblers

    empty gain
    a hollow shell
    a weatherman without the stream
    a digit without the beam

    tune in tomorrow
    you may win

  9. Wow – this really IS JerkOff Central – sorry, my mistake. I’ll leave you to enjoy your little Peter.

  10. The European perception is indeed that the EU is being sidelined in the Middle East talks by yet another pro-Israeli US government. Indeed, even before Obama was elected to create jobs in the US and bring world peace he was advocating attacks on Iran and allowing Palastine to be blown apart last Christmas. Shame on Obama and all former US presidents.

  11. The Healthcare debate is something distasteful to watch. Why not define health? A system of Insurance companies making money out of sickness is not Health Care.

    Looks like the present system will prevail. Seriously ill,poor people die. Rich people die eventually.

  12. I found your site via Counterpunch.org. The picture of Obama’s Con Job Oath is so true. He has betrayed most of his supporters. He has colluded with a group of economic sell-outs supporting the financial “infestment” banking crime syndicate. The SEC has allowed fraud to go on without punishment. The bankstas have gotten very rich off the public’s tax revenues. The Fed has virtually given out free money. The economy is not about to recover anytime soon. The Justice department does not care.

    Obama has morphed within days of his oath into the Manchurian President aligning himself with Change that can only come with a price to pay dictated by the oligarchs. And, Obama supports it.

    He is the Joyride President hob-nobbing around the globe dancing, prancing, dashing, smiling and giving speeches.


  13. Well, as President Huxtable, Obama is doing his job–selling Jello:
    “Eat your Jello, man, and shut up. If you want CHANGE, change the channel. There. I’m on every station. Corporate rule with a Smiley Face. Jello, man. The poor can live on it. Time to raise the price. You stay cool now.”

  14. Why not fire all the waiters, Republican and Democrat?

    Next November vote AGAINST every single congressional incumbent on every single ballot from sea to shining sea.

    FLUSH the DC TOILET in 2010!

    FIRE a second SHOT heard ’round the world.

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