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Vermont Politics: Alex MacLean Edition

The Vermont Insider’s Guide to Fucking Up with Impunity

By Alex MacLean*

Rule #1: Work for the governor.

Rule #2: When not working for the governor, work for a corporate project that the governor has made a top priority.

Rule #3: When you make a mess of your corporate work, get a job with a lobbying firm that is closest to the governor.

Rule #3.5: It also helps if said lobbying firm is a major donor to Vermont’s media/political elite, thus assuring that your corporate mess won’t get press.

Rule #4: Always keep your eye on returning to Rule #1.

*Alex MacLean, pictured in the center above, is the former campaign manager for — and political appointee of — Governor Peter Shumlin, before leaving him in January 2013 to work for the Jay Peak development initiatives in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. After having made a mess of her corporate work, she recently accepted a “partnership” with the Shumlin-friendly lobbying firm, KSE. Dizzy yet? Should be.